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Summer Bodies are Made in Winter

You might have heard that saying before… but hey actually it is true. Ever tried to lose a few quick kilos before you went on holiday, or to try and squeeze into a party outfit? It’s really tough! If you want to change your shape or even if you just want to get in shape – it doesn’t often happen overnight, or even in a few weeks – to make a noticeable, lasting difference it takes a few months. If you start your training regime now then you are more likely to be in the shape you want by summer. If that’s not enough to get you get you straight to the gym here are 5 other reasons:

  1. Exercise is a known mood booster. Many people suffer from ‘the winter blues’ and some even from seasonal effective disorder – but exercising for 45mins can improve your mood and release ‘seretonin’ the brain chemical that helps regulate mood (and appetite).
  2. You burn more calories when you’re cold. It might be tough to drag yourself out of bed and into the cold airĀ  – but simply by getting up and about you’re going to burn calories and you burn more than you would in summer because your body is also working trying to keep you warm.
  3. It’s a great way to stay warm. Once you have warmed up, your body will stay warm for about two hours, so no more wandering around rubbing your hands together.
  4. Fight colds and flu. Whilst exercising itself cannot stop bugs from finding you, research shows that regular exercise can boost the immune system, so that you are more likely to be able to keep germs at bay.
  5. Beat winter weight-gain. Mmmmm who doesn’t love the higher calorie foods we crave in the winter to help keep us warm? A regular exercise program will help you burn those extra calories and fewer parties in winter hopefully means it’s easier to stick to your healthy diet and training regime.

So what are you waiting for? Hit the gym and make an appointment with a trainer to sort out a training plan, or check out the latest timetable and pick a few classes you know you are going to be able to make to each week. Better still refer a friend – they can have a free trial visit and if they decide to join, you’ll end up with a training buddy to help you stay motivated and receive a gift from us!