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Hiscoes Personal Trainer Profiles

Offering one-on-one personal training sessions to our clients, our multi award-winning personal training team offer a wealth of experience for over 30 years! Find out the passions and experience behind the Surry Hills based personal training team.

Head Trainer: Jim O’Donovan

 Hiscoes head trainer, Jim O’Donovan has been in the business of personal training for over 30 years!

Jim has been a personal trainer for over 30 years and has coached and trained athletes at the highest international level as a National Coach for the Australian Powerlifting Team – one of only three Level 2 qualified Powerlifting coaches in Australia. A former competitive bodybuilder, Jim is also Certificate IV qualified and coaches squash and weightlifting as well as powerlifting. Jim specialises in rehabilitation, powerlifting and weightlifting.

Sharing his passion for health and fitness

Jim started personal training because he likes to make people happy – and he found a way he could do it. He believes in educating his clients while helping them to achieve their goals. O’Donovan makes a point of being honest and clear with his clients and delving deep to understand what they really want.

Power Lifting Coach

Jim has motivated and coached many powerlifters over the years. Amir Fazeli, who stepped on to the world powerlifting stage in Columbus Ohio as Australia’s first competitor at the Arnold Festival talks about how Jim got him started…”I got into powerlifting when I met Jim O’Donovan at Hiscoes. I had known about and trained using the principles of powerlifting since mid high school but never truly followed it or paid attention to it as a sport to compete in until I met him and found out about his background in it. He half forced me to enter my first comp which was the 2010 Matti Tikka which I won pretty convincingly in my weight class. Without him I would probably never have started in powerlifting. I still lift in the same belt he gave me for that first comp. It’s my lucky belt.”

This year marks Jim’s 25th anniversary with Hiscoes. Why does he stay? He loves the family atmosphere.

Head Group Personal Trainer: Mac Redinbaugh 

The reason why Mac started working in the gym? He doesn’t say so, but we think it’s probably because his mum told him to! Mac is carrying on the family name at Hiscoes, his mother Susan Kingsmill owns and operates the gym which she started with her mother, Windsor Hiscoe in 1981. Practically growing up in the gym it’s not surprising he decided to make it a career.

A personal trainer for every body

Mac has worked in gyms and as a personal trainer in the UK, USA and Germany. He has also spent time in Thailand training and fighting Muay Thai kick-boxing. Mac and his partner Lynsey started the first dedicated Group Personal Training Studio in Sydney in 2008, which they have since brought back ton Hiscoes and you can find MyGym Group Training Studio on the 3rd floor. He wouldn’t tell you this either, but what he enjoys most about being a personal trainer is having a captive audience. With a gift for the gab there is never a dull moment training with Mac who can teach you a history lesson and correct squat technique in the same mouthful.

Mac’s key to success for his personal training clients? Giving them the opportunity to succeed. Mac will find something you are good at and make you better at it, he’ll also find something you never thought you could ever do -and help you get there.

More fun in the gym

What would Mac like to see more of? People having more fun  in the gym. It doesn’t have to be boring! More gymnastic type stuff, more workouts to get you fitter and stronger for doing fun stuff outside the gym, like rock-climbing, canyoning, open water diving…

Personal Training Team Coordinator: Amanda Kelly

Amanda has been a fitness professional since 2006 as a group exercise instructor, personal trainer and small business owner. Amanda is especially interested in rehabilitation, corrective and functional exercise, especially after overcoming a few serious injuries herself. She strongly believes exercise is medicine. Nothing makes her happier than empowering others to make positive lifestyle changes. She’ll help her clients achieve their goals, and then some!

Other than training and encouraging others, Amanda loves peanut butter, plyometrics, coffee and a good dance off. She comes from a dancing background, enjoying ballet, ballroom and competitive cheerleading. Lifting her team mates in stunts and pyramids piqued her interest in lifting weights and a career in fitness. She has since studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, where she participated in a research project on the effectiveness of the Australian army fitness testing and training practices.

Amanda has helped transform the lives of countless clients by helping them change their eating and exercise habits and also the way they think about their health. She would love to hear all about you and your goals. There’s no mistaking her in the gym, she’s the one with a rather loud laugh and huge smile on her face.

Personal Trainer: Angus McDonald

Angus is currently studying podiatry and brings his scientific approach to his client’s sessions. Angus enjoys studying the human body and positioning, and so utilises functional strength exercises to coincide with physique goals and rehabilitation. Angus’s favourite exercises are the big 3 – squats, deadlifts and bench press! Angus’s main goal when training clients is to use education to empower them through creating independence. Angus also follows a flexible dieting approach that caters for his clients likes/dislikes when it comes to eating. In saying this, Angus doesn’t shy away from a good time, and is all about balance when it comes to training and life.

Personal Trainer: Clint Musgrave

Clint is a real powerhouse and loves to share his crazy enthusiasm for fitness and strength with everyone! Clint is a gym all-rounder who enjoys both weight training, cardio training and even acrobatics. Clint’s specialist area is party preparation! Clint is also a vegetarian and can share his knowledge of how to stay lean and build muscle, while maintaining a vegetarian diet.

Exercise Physiologist: Caitlin Stainstreet

Caitlin, our Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) specialises in the delivery of exercise for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries. As an allied health professional, Caitlin is  registered with Medicare Australia, WorkCover and her treatments are recognised by most private health insurers. Read more about exercise physiology.

Boxing Coach: Istvan Solyom

Istvan Solyom, former Junior Hungarian champion, has been boxing since he was a teenager in Hungary. Istvan has been coached by some of the sports’ finest, including former European champion Tibor Badari and the longest serving coach of the Hungarian boxing team, Imre Szanto, giving him the skills to win some highly regarded competitions, including the International Pupils’ Championship.

Whether you want to learn the art of boxing or benefit from the great fitness workout that boxing offers, Istvan can help you. With years of experience coach Istvan Solyom will help you reach a new level with your fitness while learning the skills of boxing. Classes at Hiscoes are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 11am. Find out more about Istvan and Euro School of Boxing


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