Want to lose fat and radically improve your motivation for diet and exercise? Hiscoes offers several challenges throughout the year aimed at helping you achieve your goals.

Held twice annually our signature Hiscoes Fitness Challenge runs for 6-10 weeks and aims at reducing body fat, and increasing motivation and commitment to exercise. With a tailored weight training program and nutritional education, as well as weekly group training sessions and support network you are guaranteed success.

Our next 6 week challenge starts Feb 8, 2018

If you aren’t ready to commit but want some motivation to train more often – why not try our 30 DAY HIIT CHALLENGE. Attend 20 times in 30 days and you win another 30 days HIIT membership. Starts Jan 6, 2018

Can’t wait to get going? Off-set silly season by starting straight away, wherever you are, and doing our 25 Days of Fitmas workout plan.





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