Want to lose fat and radically improve your motivation for diet and exercise? Hiscoes offers several challenges throughout the year aimed at helping you achieve your goals.

9 Week Challenge

Body Transformation

Held twice annually in February and September our signature Hiscoes Body Transformation Challenge runs for 9 weeks and aims at reducing body fat, and increasing motivation and commitment to exercise. With a tailored weight training program and nutritional education, as well as weekly group training sessions and support network you are guaranteed success.

Our next 9 Week Body Transformation Challenge starts Feb 17th, 2022! Our 9-Week body transformation challenge can be truly life-changing. With committment to the program you can expect to lose fat, gain muscle, change your lifestyle and make new friends!

Strength Challenge

Small Group Training

If Strength increases are what you’re really after then our Small Group Training ‘Stronger’ Challenge is for you. Periodised weight-training in groups of 6-8, with weekly challenges. Kicks Off June 6, 2021

Participants in this challenge make significant strength gains over the 8 week program. With beginner and advanced training plans, this program is suitable for people who have never really lifted weights before, or those who have been training for a long time but have plateaued.

With 10 sessions per week to choose from – this is a flexible training plan that gets results!

Team Training Challenge

20 sessions in 30 days

Our fast and furious 30-day  HIIT 20 Session challenge will get you through those dreary winter days and help you burn calories! Held in August every year.

Challenge yourself to attend 20 sessions in 30 days. Our Team Training program includes Full Body HIIT sessions, HIIT Boxing Circuit 9Rounds, and HIIT Pilates. Find out more about our Team training Program.