Small Group Personal Training

"The small group size is perfect because you get lots of one on one time, whether you're new and need to learn the techniques, or experienced and need pushing to the next level. Its got a friendly community that makes you feel welcome but also challenges you."

So what is Small Group Personal Training?

Small group personal training sessions combine strength and fitness training in a simple and friendly space. Every training session is unique. It’s personal training, but you share the pain and the price with a few like-minded others. (Average 4-8 participants per session)

Upgrade your membership to include Small Group Training, HIIT Team Training is included! check out the gym membership rates

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-Fun Sessions with serious results. Our sessions are more personal than you might have experienced at other group studios like F45, Orangetheory or Barry’s and focus more on weight training. in groups of no more than 8 poeple: in a smaller group you get proper instruction and there’s less risk of injury. We like to focus on functional strength and fitness so your everyday life is easier.

-Functional fitness in 45mins. We try to keep the sessions short and to the point, we – like you – also have lives outside the gym and know that you don’t want to be there all day. 45 min sessions, over 20 per week to choose from.

-Small Groups = great value You get similar benefits to personal training because your trainer really gets to know you and how hard to work you. You share the session (and the price) with a few others, which makes it cheaper and more fun.


$73 for two weeks

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Unlimited Small Group Personal Training sessions for 2 consecutive weeks. This trial also gives you access to all Hiscoes classes: boxing, yoga and pilates, as well as unlimited Team Training sessions. Fill in the form below and let us know when you’d like to start.

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