Potential Breakthroughs

  • Habit awareness

  • Turning around negative self-talk

  • Finding a simple, positive focus that can be kept up over the long term to maintain goals

  • Swapping the “all-or-nothing” mentality with a balanced one.

  • Learning how to keep going when motivation falls.

  • Developing a positive relationship with food – nourishment rather than deprivation!

  • Feeling healthy and happy, with the confidence to keep the healthy habits going.


Meet our Health Coach


Giselle has been a health coach for 3 years and prior to that was in the nutrition/health industry, working with nutritionists and naturopaths. With a B.A. (Psychology & Sociology) (USYD), a Diploma of Professional Counselling (A.I.P.C) and training and experience as a crisis counsellor for Lifeline, her educational background has helped to create a strong basis to implement nutrition knowledge via health coaching. She holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Food & Nutrition) (CSU) and is committed to ongoing self-development in the ever-changing world of nutrition.

So What is a Health Coach?

A health coach supports people in reaching their goals and to learn the tools to maintain them. Everyone has a different combination of knowledge, goals, and thought processes so talking one-on-one with a health coach can really help with support tailored to the individual. Meeting one-on-one gives you accountability and guidance navigating your journey. Through consultations with a health coach you will learn how to define your goals and track your eating.

A few key elements

  1. Basic understanding of energy balance

  2. Your goals – what you want to achieve, like weight loss or muscle gain or simply maintenance.

  3. Your emotional and psychological relationship with food

An initial assessment with our Health Coach is included FREE with Hiscoes membership.

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