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If you overindulged over Easter (like I did) You might be horrified if you jumped on the scales right now. Just don’t do it, it’s not worth it, but what you can do, is try the following to get you back to feeling in shape fast.

1. Don’t Delay ¬†– even if you feel la bit lethargic, or you have the post holiday blues, make sure you get back into the gym anyway. It doesn’t matter if your first workout isn’t the best one you’ve done this year, what’s more important is that you get straight back into it.

2. Cut the CRAP – Carbs, Refined Sugar, Alcohol, Processed foods – you could go on some crazy lemon detox cleanse… or maybe you could simply cut the CRAP from your diet. I’m not anti-carbs, but I’m suggesting you cut out highly refined carbs (like white bread) and anything sugary or sweet and/or processed. If you simply go for lots of veggies and food you make for yourself, coupled with lots of water, you will feel better straight away and probably drop some some excess fat too.

3. Go HEAVY –¬†make sure you’re not whimping out of those last few reps or sets in the weight room. If you can’t be accountable on your own, try training with a friend. Find out about our referral program.

4. Make if fun! Do something social that doesn’t involve eating and drinking – Get out with your mates but try and make it something that doesn’t involve even more eating and drinking, Have a hit of tennis, a round of golf, go trampolining or just make it to the beach.

5. Add some HIIT – High Intesnity Interval Training sessions are done in 30 mins. No excuses – you can make it in and out of the gym in under and hour (even in your lunch break.) Here’s a quick HIIT workout you can try, or maybe join one of our HIIT sessions.

20min HIIT workout with Dumbbells:

Set a timer for 30 seconds work 10 seconds rest, complete the following circuit and do as many reps as you can of each exercise in 30 seconds. Rest for one minute at the end of the circuit and repeat for 5 rounds. (Beginners: 3 rounds, Advanced: 45seconds work 15 seconds rest)

  1. Bentover Rows
  2. Squats
  3. Shoulder Press
  4. Alternating Lunges
  5. Tricep Push-Ups
  6. V-Snaps

And remember, if you want to lose weight, just DO MORE, EAT LESS…