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Hiscoes@Home – whilst we are unable to offer Team Training in the gym check out Hiscoes @ Home our Facebook Group of Live HIIT sessions.

What Is Team Training?

Hiscoes Team Training is a total body workout, targeting fitness, fat-loss and muscle conditioning. Best for people who are ready for a challenge! All Team HIIT sessions are 30mins – come warmed up and ready to train hard..

If you enjoy HIIT sessions, Hiscoes Team training is for you! Check out the Membership options!

Want to know more about HIIT? Check out our 3 Best HIIT Workout blog! Looking for something with more of a weight-training focus and a smaller group? Check out our Small Group Personal Training Studio

  • HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training, bursts of intense activity with short breaks. Sessions vary between cardio/bodyweight workouts or may include the use of medicine balls, kettlebells and TRX suspenison training. Get a great total body workout in 30 mins and benefit from the motivation of a small group!
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