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How to get rid of COVID weight

Be it 5lbs or 5kgs – you wouldn’t be alone if you put a little weight on during this time! But what to do about it? Here are 5 tips to getting rid of those unwanted Kilos and getting back on track!

Routine is key – especially if you are working from home. A good routine that will help you stay motivated should include some weight-training, cardiovascular fitness and a bit of active recovery. So a good week of training for me might include 2 weight training sessions, a HIIT class, a bit of of cardio on the boxing bags and a yoga class. It works for me because it includes a couple flexible sessions I do on my own as well as classes that I need to book for.  If you find it tough to stick to your weight training program on your own a great way to stick to a routine is to train with a friend and make those training appointments non-negotiable!

Training Plan:  It might be worth shaking up your weights routine a bit – both because your muscles do get used to doing the same kind of exercise all the time and because you might not be training at the same pace or level as you were before a bit of a break . We recommend booking a an update with one of our trainers (included free with your membership) to get a few new exercise ideas and make sure you’re lifting the right weight for the right amount of reps!

Healthy Habits: Some of us got into a bit of a Netflix and red wine (insert beverage or unhealthy snack of choice here) every night scenario when we were staying at home, and it’s really important to break out of these detrimental habits. How to do that? Find something else you can do instead, at least a couple of nights a week. Book a squash game with a friend, or make a date to catch up and share a healthy meal with someone  – instead of takeout! If you have done some exercise you are less likely to waste your efforts by filling us on extra calories, and turn off the TV early – less screen time in the evening = earlier nights and better quality sleep – which is much better for weight-loss.

Personal Trainer: If you are really feeling lost then maybe getting a bit of personal training for a month or so to give you a bit of a kick-start is the best thing. We’ve introduced a new package – 5 weeks of personal training for $199 (for people new to PT), which might be just the thing! Read more about Personal Training.

Health Coach: If you feel like you need a little more support then we are pleased to announce Hiscoes now has a health coach on staff. A health coach supports people in reaching their goals and to learn the tools to maintain them, through weekly consults, email support and ‘homework tasks’. Find out more about health coaching and book a primary call to find out if Health Coaching is for you!