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What is a ‘Health Coach’?

A health coach supports people in reaching their goals and to learn the tools to maintain them.

A few key elements:

  1. Basic understanding of energy balance

  2. Your goals – what you want to achieve, like weight loss or muscle gain or simply maintenance.

  3. Your emotional and psychological relationship with food

Everyone has a different combination of knowledge, goals, and thought processes so talking one-on-one with a health coach can really help with support tailored to the individual. Meeting one-on-one gives you accountability and guidance navigating your journey.

Through consultations with a health coach you will learn how to define your goals and track your eating.

To be successful you will need to have an openness to questioning your own feelings/thoughts around food, be committed to planning and preparing meals and attend all sessions and do take-home tasks

Potential breakthroughs:

  • Habit awareness

  • Turning around negative self-talk

  • Finding a simple, positive focus that can be kept up over the long term to maintain goals

  • Swapping the “all-or-nothing” mentality with a balanced one.

  • Learning how to keep going when motivation falls.

  • Developing a positive relationship with food – nourishment rather than deprivation!

  • Feeling healthy and happy, with the confidence to keep the healthy habits going.

About your coach, Giselle Hannson

Giselle has been a health coach for over 18 months, mainly for weight loss clients. She was in the nutrition/health industry prior to that, working with nutritionists and naturopaths whilst managing a vitamin/health food store and then as a territory manager for a supplement company. With a B.A. (Psychology & Sociology) (USYD), a Diploma of Professional Counselling (A.I.P.C) and training and experience as a crisis counsellor for Lifeline, her educational background has helped to create a strong basis to implement nutrition knowledge via health coaching.

She is in her final year of a B. Health Science (Food & Nutrition) (CSU) and is committed to ongoing self-development in the ever-changing world of nutrition.

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