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Wednesday HIIT Workout

Thinking about skipping the gym today? Too wet and cold to be bothered? Don’t do it! ‘I really wish I hadn’t done that workout,” said NOONE EVER!

But why not make it a quick HIIT workout so you can get in and out?

Try this:

Run 800m on the treadmill, grab a barbell (choose a weight you can do ten shoulder press at), do 20 bent-over rows, 15 cleans and 10 shoulder press. Repeat for 3 rounds (pick your level 2 rounds for beginners, 4 rounds for advanced).

And now you’re done! And don’t you feel so good now?

You can also do this workout with dumbbells or kettlebells. Not sure about the moves? Check in with a Hiscoes Trainer and get them to give you  a run down.