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How massage can help your training

People often say to me, “You really should get a massage” and I think who the hell has time to get a massage? Two small kids, a business to run and trying to keep in shape myself pretty much takes up all my time and if I do have a free 60mins to devote to my ‘health’ I’d  rather spend them in the gym than at the physio (or maybe at the pub…working on mental health). But if you do have time, a good sports massage can have great benefits in speeding recovery and injury prevention.

1. Flexibility

To really lift effectively (especially if you are working towards Olympic lifts) joints need to work through full range of motion which can be assisted by massage. Stretching of the tissues during a massage helps muscle fibers release tension and pressure build up. Loosening of the muscles can help prevent imbalances caused by overuse and therefore aid in injury prevention.

2. Pain reduction

Obviously the less pain you feel, the greater your performance level and I think anyone who’s ever had a massage can testify that it definitely alleviates pain.

3. Circulation

Heavy training cycles causes microscopic damage (micro-trauma) to the muscle tissue. Increased blood flow repairs this damage. Lymphatic and blood circulation can be enhanced by massage which influences waste removal and oxygen supply to the damaged areas. All of this leads to faster recovery and an earlier return to effective training.

4. Tension Decrease

Many weight-lifters actually exhibit the personality type that makes it difficult for them to relax. Being able to relax = improved sleep quality and therefore aids recovery.

This weekend Mohamed from Peak Health Services is offering FREE 10MIN MINI-MASSAGE at Hiscoes between 12pm and 1pm. Come along and find out first hand how you can benefit from massage.