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It’s time to banish those pre-conceived ideas you have about yoga:

Is yoga ever NOT a good idea?

We’ve all heard of the benefits of yoga: increases in flexibility, balance and decreases in stress levels, but practicing a pose the wrong way can also potentially lead to unnecessary soreness and injuries. Ultimately yoga is about combining movement and breath – not about who has the bendiest back!

I’m not flexible enough to do yoga…

Have you ever asked a friend to come along with you to a yoga class and that’s the response you got? I sure have. We all have to start somewhere and not everyone was flexible when they first started their yoga practice. The key is to listen to your teacher and don’t go further than your body will allow. Good yoga instructors will always give you a basic modification and you should stick with that basic position until you feel ready to progress. During yoga classes I often see people who are struggling with a pose take on yet more difficult versions which can lead them into trouble. The style of yoga you undertake might also be something you need to consider. At Hiscoes we offer Yin Yoga (a slower more meditative practice), Hatha Yoga (general class) and Flow on Sunday afternoons from 4pm (starting 27/02/2022)

Yoga = headstands in over-priced active-wear

The Insta-Yogi phenomenon that seems to be sweeping social media could be enough to put anyone off. I personally do not own brightly coloured yoga tights as I feel that classic black is still the most flattering and I haven’t done a headstand in a yoga class this year. Although there are lots of health benefits to getting upside down, (but we can talk about them another day) you’re probably not going to experience doing a headstand in a basic yoga class. Preparation for handstands, headstands and arm balances however, are great for building arm strength, core stability and shoulder flexibility.

Sweat needs to be dripping off you

Sorry Mr Bikram but I believe that Indians practiced hot yoga because it’s HOT in India, so you don’t necessarily need to have sweat dripping off you to practice yoga. Some people really enjoy doing their yoga in a heated room but it’s certainly not a specific requirement of yoga. The purpose of yoga itself is to connect breath and body, and practicing yoga regularly oftern brings a sense of calm and well-being, focus, contentment and a boost of fitness, regardless of how much heat you generate inside or outside the body.

If you feel better practicing yoga and find more ease in each subsequent session, then you are getting somewhere and yoga should enjoy your personal yoga journey. Three styles of yoga classes are held at Hiscoes each week. Check out our yoga class timetable.

Here is a great article form the Huffington Post looking at eleven of the most common yoga poses and how you can work on them. Hope to see you in a class soon!