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We might all feel like staying in bed on theses chilly mornings (I know half my challenge group did this morning… where were you? Grrr) so what can we do to get up and keep at it and stay motivated to keep on track towards our fitness goals.

1. Get to Bed Early

It’s tough enough getting out of bed when it’s cold and dark – don’t make it harder by not getting enough sleep. If you go to bed early and are well rested then getting out of bed won’t be such a struggle and you’re much more likely to make it to the gym.

2. Set a Spring Goal

City2Surf? Tough Mudder? There are loads of things out there that you should start training for right now if you are keen to do well. I’m thinking about the Raw Challenge in September. But if running and mud aren’t really your thing (and I know they aren’t really everyone’s cup of tea) how about booking yourself a Bali holiday? Doesn’t have to be Bali….but somewhere warm. PERFECT then you’ve got BOTH something to look forward to AND an incentive to look good when you get your gear off!

3. Try something new

Rock-climing, trampolining, archery, bush-walking…whatever, try and make it something fun. You might even meet a few nice folks while you’re at it! It’s well known that varying your fitness routine helps maintain motivation. Have you had a game of Squash lately? Book a court and hire some rackets from us. You don’t have to be an all-star player to get a good workout.

4. Get a new workout routine

Have you been using that same old program for over a year? It might be time to get a new plan with new exercises and new goals. If you haven’t update your program in 3 months or more then it’s time to see one of our trainers! Book in at reception now. You’ll find your old program at reception too.