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ann-marie-calilhanna-mardigras-party-2014Now I won’t be going to the party myself… I am going to a pool party instead! But it’s for a three year old. And seeing as my other half is out of town and I am on single parent duty for the next week I will probably be tucking myself into bed not long after the kids.

If I was going to the party however, this is what I would do (bearing in mind it’s too late to change much, but hopefully you’ve prepared well) to get pumped and ready:

Pre-Party Workout

4 sets of these three super-sets (8-12 reps of each exercise alternating with the second exercise in the pair)

Dips + Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Tricep push-downs + Underhand grip Chin-ups

EZ bar curls + Dumbbell Flyes

curls get the girlsThen go back around and do each exercise on more time but drop the weight back to half and do max reps. Hopefully around 20-25 reps. (Substitute bench dips for the dips and use the lat-pull down machine with the same grip, instead of chin-ups if you need to)

You should feel pretty good after this one! Then go and sweat the rest of the fat away on the dance floor!