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HOORAY! Getting back into the gym is awesome!

Getting really sore and not being able to train again for a week, or worse still, getting injured however is NOT, so here’s a quick guide to returning to exercise safely and effectively.

Rule of thumb 1.

It will take roughly half as long as you were off to get back to your original strength. So we’ve been away 12 weeks, you’re looking at about a 6 week training program to get back to speed.

Rule of thumb 2. 

Work at about 75%. This applies to volume as well as load.  In practice this means that if  I was normally squatting 80 kgs for about 5 sets before I took a break, then when I get back to the gym I’ll do 3 sets of 60kg to begin with. You should increase both the weight and the sets slowly. By week 3 you might be doing 4 sets and then and then by week 5 be back to 5 sets.

Rule of thumb 3.

Don’t go too hard too soon and your body will let you know. A little bit sore the day after training is fine. But if you’re feeling it 2-3 days after training you’ve probably over done it and you need to Back Off!!  You want all of your workouts for the first month to feel reasonably easy.

Keep all of that in mind – but also remember that appointments with a personal trainer to discuss your program are included Hiscoes membership so make an appointment to get a program tailored right for you!