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Come along and try Hiscoes FREE Saturday July 14th 8am – 2pm

This is a great opportunity to try everything Hiscoes has to offer and find out why we’re Surry Hills favourite gym! We’re offering ‘taster’ classes, freebies and prizes! Contact us below to book your Free Session. Our regular timetabled classes are also running and you can join them for free as well! Checkout the timetable

  • 8.00am HIIT for Beginners
  • 8.30am Kettlebell Fundamentals
  • 9.00am Coffee & Giveaways
  • 9.30am Stretching & Joint Mobility
  • 10.00am Squash Rules for beginners
  • 10.30am Bench Press Technique
  • 11.00am Gluteus Maxxout
  • 11.30am Kick-boxing Foundations
  • 12.00pm Hand-stand conditioning
  • 1.00pm Yoga Fundamentals

Open Day Class Descriptions

High Intensity Interval Training 8.00am Team Training Area

Want to find out whether High Intensity Interval Training is for you? This session with Jess will be an all-over workout, using body-weight moves only.

Intensity: Medium-High / Duration: 30 minutes

Best For: People who are keen to give HIIT a go for the first time

Kettlebell Fundamentals 8.30am Team Training Area

Learn the correct technique for using kettlebells for a great all over workout.

Intensity: Medium-High / Duration: 30 minutes

Best For: People who’ve been wanting to try HIIT or Kettlebell workouts but are unsure how to use them safely.

Stretching and Joint Mobility 9.30am Team Training Area

Caitlin will take you through a series of stretches, focussing on increasing joint mobility and range of motion.

Intensity: Low / Duration: 30 minutes

Best For: People who want to stretch but don’t really know how, or which stretches are best for which body parts.

Squash Rules and Game Play for Beginners 10.00am Court One

Enjoy running around on the squash court and getting sweaty, but don’t really know what you’re doing? Simon will clear up any misconceptions about rules and give you some tips for a good game.

Duration: 30  minutes

Best For: People who’ve played a bit of squash or a keen to get started

Bench Press Technique 10.30am Gym Floor

Want to get more out of your bench press? Or interested in giving it a go for the first time? Join Mac in the MyGym Studio for this bench press workshop.

Intensity: Low-Medium / Duration: 30 minutes

Best For: Those who want to improve their bench-press, or have their technique checked.

Glueteus Maxxout 11am Gym Floor

Want to get a great booty or learn how to activate your glutes? Join Amanda and learn how to lift and sculpt your butt.

Intensity: Medium / Duration: 30 minutes

Best For: Developing great glutes!

Kick-boxing Foundations 11.30am Boxing Studio

An introduction to basic boxing and kickboxing technique. Class uses jump ropes and heavy bags. Gloves provided.

Intensity: Medium / Duration: 30 minutes

Best For: People who’ve never boxed before, or are unsure of correct technique. Feeling confident after? Join Kick-Boxing at 12pm.

Handstand Conditioning 12pm Aerobics Studio

An introduction to hand-balancing and handstand preparation exercises.

Intensity: Medium / Duration: 30 minutes

Best For: People who want to work towards holding a handstand – but have no idea where to start.

Yoga Fundamentals 1pm Aerobics Studio

Tried yoga before but didn’t really like it or couldn’t follow? This class is designed for people who want to learn the correct postures and modifications so they can participate in yoga classes.

Intensity: Medium / Duration: 60 minutes

Best For: People new to yoga or who want a better understanding of basic yoga postures, how to position themselves correctly and when and how to modify for their body type.

 Let us know if you will be attending our Free Open Day, places are limited in some classes. Please tell us which class you’d like to attend in the comment section.

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