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Fun Free Fitness!

By 13/11/2015November 15th, 2015No Comments

This Saturday, Hiscoes is offering a whole day of Fun Free Fitness!

Bringing the FUN back to fitness, Hiscoes is taking a fresh approach by running a series of fun, dynamic and completely different fitness sessions to get you inspired! Starting at 7am and finishing with a Hula Hoop Workshop at 2.30pm, you can do kickboxing, acro-yoga, pilates, BodyPump, and there’s even Free Beginner Squash Coaching at midday.

Is there such thing as fun fitness?

Originally the ‘gymnasium’ was somewhere people went to develop strength, balance and coordination, so that you could improve on other things – like play sport! Today going to the gym is serious business and going has become a sport in itself; Crossfit Games being a superb example. With “sporting celebrities” like Kayla Itsines and Ashy Bines overwhelming our Instagram feeds, it seems everyone is working hard to get that perfectly sculptured body.

But it doesn’t have to be too serious or boring. Taking a class or working out with a friend can help alleviate boredom in the gym. Having a goal for you workouts, like running the City2Surf, going on trek or trying something new like rock-climbing, can give your workouts direction and help stay motivated. You can get stuck doing only the things you’re good at, or used to, so it’s always good to push yourself and try something new.



On our open day David Coulibaly is bringing us a Yo-Batics workshop, blending the power of yoga and acrobatics. In this class he will focus on challenging arm balances in yoga, a great way for those who are ready to take their practice to the next level.


oddliftsWhat’s an odd-lift? We were wondering that too. Odd-lifts are a series of moves you will probably never see in the gym again and should be approached with a bit of humour and caution. Some of these moves are actually quite functional, whilst others certainly develop team work. The weights floor can be a very serious place sometimes, but get ready for a bit of ridiculous fun. Odd-lifts are all the lifts that are not bench press, bench press, and more bench press.  I’m keen to try the 2 person, one finger on each hand, deadlift. Mac from MyGym will be running through a few more moves with us from 10am Sat Nov 21st. Come and have some fun with weights.

Play Sport

HiscoesSelects_014Playing a sport – like squash – is a great way to improve your fitness whilst having fun and meeting new people. While you’re learning a new skill you forget about the exercise part of it. Squash is a great sport for improving speed and agility, as well as hand eye coordination. Best of all, dashing about the court burns loads of calories! You don’t need to have any experience to come along to our coaching session at midday on the 21st. Racquets and balls will be provided. All you need to do is turn up with your sneakers on and a positive attitude. Contact us to book your spot.

Wild Crazy Dancing

Dancing has always been a popular form of exercise. Over the years the gym has seen a few dance crazes come and go and come back again! The 30 or so people who come along to Retrosweat each week, prove that the fabulous Jane Fonda dance style of aerobics is still popular! Zumba, the booty shaking, latin themed dance aerobics class peaked in the early 2000s, but we reckon dance inspired workouts will continue to be a popular form of fitness for years to come because everyone loves to party their way to fitness. On our open day we’re giving you the chance to try hula hooping! We’ll supply the hoops and you’ll go home with a little hula hoop dance routine you can show off to your friends!

For more detailed session descriptions and timetables see our Open Day.

Get friends along to Hiscoes to have some sweaty fun with us!

Here’s some inspo to get you motivated!