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Travel Workout

Maybe you’re not going to make it to the gym today? Why not hit the park at lunchtime and try this workout so you don’t miss a days training? Clients often ask for a quick workout they can do whilst they are traveling (although they leave with good intentions, often they only do it once or twice….) and seeing as I am away at the moment I thought I’d show you a quick all over bodyweight workout you can do anywhere – in our out of the gym.

Bodyweight Training

Whilst I love my weights and would never give up weight-training – there’s something to be said for a good bodyweight only workout – with the right exercises you can work just as hard as you would throwing dumbbells around. And bodyweight training can help burn fat and increase endurance. Plus you won’t be as sore the next day.

Today’s Workout

Set a timer for 30 seconds on 10 seconds rest.

1. Jumping Lunges

2. Push-ups

3. Burpees

4. Dips

5. Mt Climbers

6. Ab Extensions

Repeat the circuit 3-5 times depending on your level. (No rest between sets for advanced, beginners can rest for 60seconds between rounds)