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All-over workout

It’s hard when you are huddled up next to the heater eating a hearty stew and dreaming of snuggling under the covers to throw your mind forward to the summer months when you will be showing a bit more skin. But I’m dreaming about sand and surf and I’m glad because I still have enough time to get my bikini body ready. So here is a great workout that covers all the bases, back, arms and butt and a bit of abs thrown in at the end for good measure. People love to do abs because they think it will give them a flatter tummy, but I’ll let you in on a little secret…drinking less beer, or eating less chocolate (or whatever your not so secret indulgence may be) will give you a flatter tummy. Unless you are prepared to try that, no amount of ab exercises are going to help.


First do a bit of a warm-up (kind of necessary in this cold weather) for about 5mins

  • 8 heavy bench press
  • 12 dipswoman-doing-a-bench-press
  • 30 push-ups

3 rounds

  • 8 heavy barbell squats
  • 12 kettlebell goblet squats
  • 30 jump squats

3 rounds

  • 8 chin-ups (or as close as you can get to chin-ups)
  • 12 TRX pull-ups
  • 30 Kettlebells swings

3 rounds

I like to do some abs with a medicine ball so 20 sit-ups with the ball, 20 leg extensions with the ball 20 oblique bounces, then feet on the ball plank for 60 seconds to finish!

I can’t guarantee a bikini body but I’m glad I got you thinking about it, before it’s too late and you’re in tears in a changing room somewhere on Bondi Beach. If you have any questions about this workout, ask one of the Hiscoes staff. Or if you’d like something a bit more personal see one of our trainers to update your program. We are also launching ‘team training‘ this August, so get yourself along and try it out – it could be the key to getting in shape for summer.