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Breathing instantly influences our nervous system and from there the possibilities are endless. I am a qualified Yoga and Meditation teacher who has developed a breathwork course to offer gym users. The breathwork course covers the importance of breathing properly, gives participants an understanding of the physiology and psychology of breathing and a wide range of beneficial breathing techniques.

Many ancient breath techniques are now being popularised by James Nestor, Wim Hof, Stig Seversin and Dr. Andrew Huberman. Use by elite military, free divers and the rise of yoga created a bridge for breathwork to become more mainstream. These techniques are now being used for everything from deep relaxation to athletic performance. I teach people a wide range of techniques so they can feel energised for modern life.

How can you benefit?

Breath techniques can quickly intervene in stress and anxiety, decrease the vigilance of restless minds and produce powerful states of wellbeing. It is amazing what changing the flow of oxygen can do to your mind and body.

Workshop Sat 27 March 1pm-3.30pm

While the workshop is relevant to everyone, some areas that resonate with gym users are Co2 Tolerance, lactic acid with oxygen and recovery/pain management.

During this engaging and practical workshop we will cover:

  • The relationship between the breath and the nervous system
  • Relearning natural breathing
  • Enhancing Co2 tolerance
  • Controlling the diaphragm
  • Gaining space for the lungs
  • Respiration and lactic acid
  • Relaxation breath techniques
  • Energising breath techniques

Investment $99. Find out more about your instructor Shane Brennan.

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