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Wondering if you should take on a fitness challenge? There are multiple benefits to taking on a fitness challenge – and not all of them are physical

  1. Motivation: the obvious one – how hard is it to get through the winter blues? There’s nothing quite like a Challenge to help you quell the little voice inside your head telling you to stay at home on the couch. Being accountable for your workouts means that you have a reason to make it to the gym, and you know your fellow Challengers will notice if you don’t make it!
  2. Meet some like-minded folks: when was the last time you made a new friend? Getting through a few tough workouts together is a sure way to make a buddy. You might even get a new workout partner, so you have someone to keep training with and keep you on track even after the challenge is over.
  3. Get some support: nothing quite like some professional advice to help you improve. Sometimes we get stuck in a bit of a routine at the gym and only do things we’re good at. If this is you, chances are you could really benefit from the guidance of a personal trainer. They’ll design a program for you and keep an eye on you whilst you do it, that way you can’t cheat!
  4. Change your routine: Doing the same old thing not only becomes boring after a while, but you also stop getting results. Changing your routine is a great way to start seeing results again
  5. Have a bit of fun: doesn’t seem possible? But it is! The main reason our small group training members have stayed with us for so long is that they have a great time when they come to their sessions, sure it’s hard work too, but they’re really making the most of their memberships and having a good time at the gym.

Are you ready? The MyGym Group Training Studio Team are kicking off their next 8-week Challenge on July 8! Find out all the details, 8-week Challenge: How it works