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Crazy for Spin?

So what is it about spin that people are so crazy about?  You’ve seen them, coming down the stairs after a class drenched in sweat – they love it, but why? Well I don’t know for sure but I think it might be because it’s so accessible. I’ve never been that much of a spinner myself, I kept seeing all these people staggering out of the spin studio and assumed that it must be incredibly difficult – but then I actually went to a class and discovered that you can really work at your own pace. You are the one in charge of how much resistance you use and so really people of any fitness level can do spin. Spin is also low impact and doesn’t require any coordination = accessible. Apparently is also burns LOADS of calories. I’m not 100% convinced of that but you definitely work up a sweat so it sure feels like you’ve worked hard. The other thing I like is that it’s basically in the dark so no-one can see how hard you are straining!

What to expect in a Spin Class

If you’ve never tried spin the instructor will help you get set up on your bike to make sure the seat and the handle bars are the right height for you. And remember it will be over in 45mins and that includes a warm up and a cool down – so you will make it through the class! Spin is all about the instructor and the music – it’s worth trying out a few classes so you get the right match for you. Some people find they are really motivated by being yelled at – it drives them! Personally I really like being complimented – I go so much further with a bit of praise! The class will go through varying speeds and tempos, some will be light and sprinty and other tracks will require you to increase the resistance and go slower but push harder.

Should you try it?

Sure what have you got to lose? Hiscoes has a spin class on every day of the week – check out our current timetable