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The health benefits of playing squash

We all know that squash is a great way to have fun, get sweaty and burn off some calories. In fact apparently you can burn up to 500 calories in half an hour on a squash court! I’m sure this depends a little on your skill level, (I have serious doubts about burning quite that many when I play myself…) but squash is certainly up there on the calorie burning scale. Plus all the twisting, turning and lunging after the ball really works on flexibility and stability in the torso and lower body. Playing squash is great for your cardiovascular health over all as it combines continuous low level movement with short sharp bursts of intense action.

The mental health benefits of playing squash

  • Improve concentration – squash is great for hand-eye co-ordination and depending on your level of play the tactics of the game greatly enhance your ability to concentrate both on and off the court
  • Beat Stress – it’s no wonder that squash has been a favourite of high-powered businessmen (and women) since the 70s and 80s, what a great way to release stress, whacking a ball as hard as you can!
  • Build self-esteem – when was the last time you learnt a new skill? Learning how to play (and win) squash is great for building confidence

Meet new people playing squash!

It can be tough to meet new people, especially in a city like Sydney, but what better way that on a squash court? Hiscoes is now taking entries for it’s social weekend round robin competition. If you’re about ready for some friendly competition and we can group enough people of a similar level together we will get you started. See our squash competition page for more details.