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You haven’t go much time to spend in the gym today but you need to do something? Grab a medicine ball and try this one.

Set a timer, complete the following exercises as fast as you can:

  • 50 jump squats holding the ball
  • 40 sit-ups with the medicine ball overhead
  • 30 Push-ups with one hand on the ball (or alternating, or both hands on the ball – don’t use the ball if you’re a beginner)
  • 20 lunges with a rotation (10 each leg)
  • 10 burpees with the ball

Record your time. Rest then repeat the circuit 2 more times, aiming to better you time!


Notes on the exercises:

Med-Ball-Jump-Squat-535x395Jump squat with medicine ball

hold the ball in close to your chest, have your legs wide then squat as deep as you can whilst maintaining good posture, then spring up – you don’t need to jump too high off the ground.

Sit-ups with medicine ball

From a reclined position hold the ball with arms out-stretched and the ball about eye-height. Sit-up.

Medicine Ball Push-Ups

plyo-push-ups-on-a-medicine-ball-version-1_-_step_3.max.v1Make sure you engage your lower abs by contracting your belly button in towards your spine. If you feel that you are losing your form or your back is arching then drop down to your knees.

Medicine Ball Lunges

When lunging with a rotation step forward hold the ball at shoulder height with arms in front, drop the back knee to the ground, and rotate the ball around the leg in front.