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8 mins to OMG Arms

Want OMG Arms?

Of course you do!

Since my kids started school and I occasionally help out in the canteen, I have become increasingly fearful that I might develop “tuck-shop lady arms!” So I love a good upper-body sculpting workout. You don’t need heaps of equipment or loads of time to work your upper back shoulders and biceps, here are TWO eight minute workouts you can do, to sculpt OMG Arms.

Here’s the workout plan:

Do as many rounds as possible of the following two exercises in 8 mins. Rest as you need to, but record the number of rounds you get done so that you can track your progress for next time. To increase the level of difficulty on the push-ups, try putting your feet on a box or bench, decrease the level of difficulty by putting your knees on the ground or put your hands on a step.


A) Push Ups x 10 reps

B) Chin Ups / TRX Rows x 5 reps

So simple isn’t it? It really works!

Workout plan number two:

CHOOSE YOUR FITNESS LEVEL and grab a dumbbell for this workout

Beginner: Work 30 seconds – Rest 30 seconds

Intermediate: Work 40 seconds – Rest 20 seconds

Advanced: Work 45 seconds – Rest 15 seconds

Do as many reps of each exercise as you can in the specified time then repeat the circuit one more time.

  • Tricep Push-ups
  • Bentover Row Left Arm
  • Tricep Dips
  • Bentover Row Right Arm

That’s it! Alternate between these two great 8min OMG Arms  Routines a couple of times a week and you’ll get the arms you’re after in no time!