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Some people find it harder to get to the gym as the days get a bit shorter and it cools down but personally I like. I find it easier to work at a good level of intensity when the weather is a bit cooler. I don’t seem to go out as much either and my made at home meals tend to be healthier options that when I eat out. So I am embracing the coming of cooler months as a chance to get to the gym more and set some new training goals.

Gym Renovations

10410328_813434515376628_2516096384736851461_nYou might have noticed that things are changing! We are working on a new reception/office area and members lounge. The boarded up area is where our new office will be and our current reception and admin space will be opened up for gym use. In the mean time you should still be able to find all the equipment you need.


Change of Gym Opening Hours Saturday

From Saturday May 2 we will be opening at 7am on Saturdays. This will allow all those who want to come in and get there workout over with straight away. It also makes time for one of our new programs.

New Training Programs

Running Club – starting Ma7 2 at 7am. Suitable for all levels you can work on your running style to get ready for the City2Surf in August or maybe the Blackmores Running Festival in September. For more details and what to expect see our Running Club.

Beginner Boxing Course – run by coach Istvan Solyom this course is an opportunity to hone your skills and develop good boxing technique so you can get more out of your boxing workouts. Additional Fees for this course.

Good luck with it all and see you in the gym –