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A healthy and productive workforce should be available to all businesses big and small. Today an employer who can provide fitness services on premises qualifies for a Fringe Benefits tax exemption. However small to medium business which does not have the space on-site and wants to provide the same service off-site DO NOT  qualify for an FBT exemption which is fundamentally unfair.

What are we proposing – Expanding the FBT exemptions to include fitness services offered off-site such as visiting Hiscoes, yoga/ pilates studios or outdoor training.

How can the nation afford that ?

Fitness Australia estimates the cost of expanding the current FBT is about $72mill p.a. but the health care savings would be more than $200mill if there was a 3% increase in adult population using fitness services.

How can you help?

Follow the link and pledge your support . It is not a financial pledge-  when you pledge your support an email will be sent to your local member of Parliament letting them know you support the expansion of FBT exemption to inlcude using off-site fitness services.