Hiscoes hosts the lovely Shannon Dooley and her Retrosweat Team on Thursday nights at 7pm.

Retrosweat is 1980s freestyle aerobic workout! Inspired by the original VHS workouts made famous by the likes of Jane Fonda, Shannon Dooley fuses the era’s iconic steps – grapevines, flick-kicks and deep squats – ¬†with her own choreography to a fantastic 80s soundtrack that changes each week.

Retrosweat is a fun total body workout that is suitable for everyone. Feel free to dress up, get into the groove and sweat your way to high-cut heaven.

It’s such a popular class that spaces are limited – book online at Retrosweat to secure your spot. Retrosweat classes are included for Hiscoes Members. Casual visits and ten packs can be purchased online from Retrosweat Online.

Check out Shannon and the girls on the Morning Show “Putting the fun back into fitness”.

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