How to join Hiscoes @ Home

  • On Facebook search for ‘Hiscoes @ Home’ group
  • Request access

How long will the session run for?

Each session will run for 30-35mins minutes.

How do I join a Facebook Live event?

  • At the scheduled class time, open Facebook on your mobile, laptop or ipad.
  • Navigate to the group and the LIVE video will start at the scheduled time.
  • Ensure your volume is turned on.

Handy hint: if the LIVE feed does not appear straight away, you may need to refresh the group a couple of times until it appears.

What do I need for the workout?

  • Clear some space* in your house, have sweat towel available and some water for hydration and be ready to join our LIVE event at scheduled time.
  • Place your device somewhere you can easily see the screen and have enough space to complete the exercises.

*Handy Hint: We would recommend if possible about a 2 x 2 metres space. Try and move all furniture out the way so you can exercise without hurting yourself.

How will the session run?

  • We will post on the group 15 minutes prior to the session running so you can get ready
  • The Hiscoes fitness instructor will start the live feed from either the gym or their own home.
  • You will be able to comment on the LIVE feed, however the instructor taking the class will only be able to reply at the end of the session.
  • Once the session has completed, it will be saved and posted to the group wall so if you missed the scheduled time, you can complete it at a time more convenient to yourself.

Will you be able to see into my home via my camera?

No – this is a one way feed, you will be able to see the instructor via the Facebook Live feed but we won’t be able to see you.

Staying safe at home whilst working out

Your safety and health is the up most important to us. Please complete the classes at your own pace, taking rest when required and keeping hydrated throughout. If at any point you feel light headed, please stop the workout, grab some water and sit down and rest.

What is HIIT?

HIIT is a total body workout, targeting fitness, fat-loss and muscle conditioning. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is bursts of intense activity with short breaks. Sessions vary between cardio, bodyweight strength workouts, boxing and ABT (Abs, Bums Thighs) Beginner and advanced options will be given where possible.

Will it be too hard for me?

No. There are a variety of sessions on offer and our timetable highlights in BLUE all low-impact sessions.