8 Week STRONGER Challenge: Real, Lasting Results • Group Motivation • Gain Strength • STARTS JUNE 6th, 2022


What’s Hiscoes “STRONGER” Challenge?

Hiscoes 8-week STRONGER Challenge is a group training challenge which includes a periodised weight training program designed to get you stronger  and points-tracking system to keep you motivated.

How often will I need to train?

We recommend 3 Small Group Training sessions per week for best results. On top of this you gain more points by including some active recovery, steady-state cardio and completing weekly set challenges! Everything designed to help you reach your goals.

What about diet?

There is no set diet to complete this challenge. We do give some general recommendations about how to eat well for muscle growth and recovery. Hiscoes members also eligible for a consult with our Health Coach.


Step 1

Upgrade to a Small Group Training membership. Our Small Group Training sessions have a max. of 10 participants per group. I fyou’re unsure you can do a two week trial first!

Step 2

Have a look at the timetable and pick the weekly sessions you think will suit.

Step 4

Join our MyGym challenge facebook group. This is the main form of communication about the challenge and is where you will find tips and tricks from your trainers and fellow challengers. A MUST for motivation.