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When I first started at Hiscoes my goal was to get fit after letting myself go somewhat. I found the atmosphere really friendly, with a great range of programs. Then I noticed a sign advertising free squash coaching for members.

I have played squash for years and found it really enjoyable. Lately however, I found my game was not improving. I have never had formal lessons and just picked up the game by playing with friends. I reached a reasonable level without being really good.
As the course was free I had nothing to lose, except perhaps a few bad habits. I enrolled and started the next Saturday morning. There were four of us with Ollie, the coach. It lasted for just an hour and I was amazed how simple the basics appeared to be. Things like how to hold the racquet and how to swing it were explained in very simple terms.
At the end of the six week course I enrolled in the Development course. It was a slightly more advanced six week course which built on the skills learnt. After that I approached the coach for someone one on one lessons as I was really keen to keep improving. He quickly arranged them and I really started to progress. I could see improvement each week. I then had the problem of finding people to play.

Hiscoes had a simple remedy for me. They run a round robin competition each Saturday afternoon where you are graded and played other people of a similar or slightly better standard. Apart from meeting new people the competition was great fun and my general game improved quickly. The coach came to the round robin and watched everyone play. At the next one on one lesson the coach would address any issue he spotted with my game, hastening my improvement. I am now ready to take the next step and will be playing in the next pennant competition. I am really looking forward to it. I found the Hiscoes series of graduated instruction really helpful and I think it is the ideal way to either take up squash or improve your game. Thank you Hiscoes!

Jon G.


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