Hiscoes spacious gym is the perfect COVID-SAFE place for you to train! We are registered as COVID-SAFE with the NSW government and are operating under our COVID-SAFETY plan and are staffed all open hours so there is a Hygiene Marshall at all times.

We want to thank our members who continue to support us through this time. Not a member yet? JOIN  HERE To comply with government regulations and to ensure your safety and that of our staff we have employed the following measures:

1.Social Distancing

Please be aware that some equipment may have moved or be suspended from use to ensure safe distancing between patrons. This could mean you need to wait for your favourite piece of equipment! In high traffic areas please use floor markings indicated to help keep within social distancing guidelines. All Members and guests must check in at reception to ensure we meet the guidelines for gym capacity and visit tracking. We will need updated contacted details from all visitors.

2. Cleaning measures

Along with daily cleaning, staff will also be cleaning equipment at appointed times throughout the day. You will find cleaning stations throughout the centre containing spray of 70% methylated spirits. Please clean all equipment before and after use. We discourage the use of shared equipment.

3. Handwash stations

Additional handwash stations as well as hand sanitiser will be available. We recommend washing hands as you enter and exit the gym as well as before handling locker keys and when returning keys. Hiscoes is unable to supply gloves.

4. Classes

As numbers must be limited to allow for distancing, we have introduced a booking system for all group fitness classes. BOOK CLASSES This is the best way we can manage class numbers and avoid disappointment. Reception staff will be able to help people with bookings. Members and guests must bring their own yoga/stretch mats and check in at reception

5. Your responsibilities

We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to welcoming you to Hiscoes! To ensure the health and safety of all members and staff we ask you to maintain physical distancing, maintain hand and respiratory hygiene, clean equipment before and after use, book in for all classes, check in at reception and stay away from the gym if you are unwell.

6. Hiscoes team recommends that you download the COVID-SAFE App.

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