Challenge Winner – Taylor

My initial goal was to get my abs back, but as the challenge went on it became much more than that. I wanted my determination, fitness, self control and confidence back. After I lost my mum, I fell into a comfort eating spiral and I found I had lost all of those things along with my abs.

I signed up to the challenge and to the gym all at once and I knew fully just how far out of my comfort zone I was going to put myself but after seeing a photo of myself at a work function and not seeing myself anymore I knew I had to sign up and give it everything I had. I knew that I needed to not be comfortable as I had been using food to be comfortable.

The challenge was actually fun. I’m not going to lie, the first three weeks were really tough – physically and mentally. I felt like giving up in my first HIIT session and I really struggled with the food for the first two weeks as I fully embraced the diet and took responsibility for the food I consumed.

After the initial shock to the system, I found I enjoyed the food and I understood that sticking to the food meant I could train harder and I saw I was getting fitter. My body started to change as well, which spurred me on to stick with it.

The team aspect to the challenge also helped with the challenge, the weekly challenge sessions were awesome as I got to meet a cool group of people who were also going through the same thing. As a newcomer to the gym, I was taken aback by the community within the gym not just the program. There was always someone who knew where you were at, they had done the challenge before and had a supportive word or a bit of wisdom to share.

I didn’t end up skipping any sessions or slipping up with my macros or calories. I did think about it and realised that it was only 9 weeks and I didn’t want to let myself down. I’m so happy with my results. My body fat percentage went from 40.2% to 34%. I lost 7.5kg in body weight, 7.6kg in body fat mass. The physical changes surprised me the most, my body started to change quickly, week by week I noticed changes, which was really encouraging and motivating through the challenge.

If you are reading this and are considering the challenge or a change, please do. You will be challenged, you will consider giving up, but if you follow the program, stick with the food and listen to the advice the trainers give you, you will see results.

Thank you to all the awesome team at Hiscoes, big thank you to the challenge group and definitely the amazing 7am HIIT group.

Challenge Winner, Caroline

Total body fat percentage change… 14.23%

Caroline’s testimony:  Wow! What a journey. Congratulations to everyone that got through the past six weeks… to those who committed are now reaping the rewards. I have never felt comfortable in a gym, especially on the gym floor, with all the machines and weights. 2018 was an awful year for me and to top it off health issues saw an already overweight and out of shape me put on more weight and have no energy to even contemplate exercise. 2019 dawned and having just turned 50, with my medical situation improving, I was determined to try and lose the weight and get in shape. I saw the Hiscoes 6 week challenge and was filled with equal parts of excitement and terror!

I was worried I would not have the confidence to see this challenge through, so I talked a friend into joining me… I chose well! I really had no idea what I had got myself into. That first day I felt so uncomfortable and just kept asking myself why I was volunteering to subject myself to this humiliation. Six weeks on and everything feels so different. 

I feel like I have learnt a new language… macros! I had never even heard of macros before. The challenge sessions and PT sessions have made me feel at home in Hiscoes! I may have been the last to finish every challenge, and may not have achieved as many sit ups or push ups, but I know I pushed myself harder than I ever have before and I felt as though I deserved to be as proud of my efforts as those who finished before me. 

Thank you Amanda, Caitlin, Mac and Jim. I must also say a huge thank you to my personal cheerleader and training partner Marta for having enough confidence and bravado for both of us. 
I would also like to thank everyone else I met on my 6 week journey for the encouragement and not making me feel like I shouldn’t be there… it meant a lot and has changed my outlook… hopefully forever. 

Here’s to my next 6 weeks!

Runner Up, Graeme


Graeme’s testimony: Congratulations everyone! 6 weeks!

Sad that I can’t join you all today for the final challenge but I’m off getting all glammed up for Mardi Gras.
I’m happy that after 6 weeks of “mostly” watching my macros and sweating alongside you all that I have achieved my initial goal.

At the beginning of the challenge that goal was simply to feel confident wearing obscenely tiny gold shorts in front of hundreds of thousands of people in the parade today.  A goal that in hindsight feels a little superficial. In reality I have achieved something a lot more valuable which is a much better understanding of how small changes can make massive impacts to my health and fitness. I am a lot more aware now of not only the nutritional value of what I eat is but also how to swap out foods and manage portions in a way that helps rather than hinders my goals.

I can now confidently say that I am in the best shape of my life, which at 36 is a lot more important to me than tiny gold shorts. 🙂

Thank you so much Caitlin and Amanda for guidance and motivation throughout. And thanks to everyone for being so great to work out with, even at 6am!

Are you up for a challenge? OUR 9 WEEK CHALLENGE challenge starts September 9