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Hi Body Transformers, welcome!

My name’s Amanda and I will be your coach throughout this 9 week challenge! I’m so excited to help you get the results you are after! Please watch the clip below to get started and read the Challenge Guide in full.

I look forward to seeing your results on the google spreadsheet sharing and your sweaty selfies in the facebook group as proof of your own workouts throughout the challenge.

NUTRITION VIDEO – your guide to flexible dieting. We will discuss this more in person but please take a look at the following to help you get started. Remember being prepared is key to getting the results you want!

Download the PDF Below to record your weight-training workouts each week. We will also have copies available in the gym.

Challenge program record sheet

Remember you can post in the facebook group if you have questions about the program or tracing your macros! Some members have participated in previous challenges and will be able to help you straight away. We are all in this together!

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