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Everybody needs protein. Adequate protein supports many metabolic processes, not just muscle growth.

You might have heard it before – “you’re not getting enough protein…” is it really the case? Hiscoes health coach, Giselle explains why protein is important in a healthy diet, how much is recommended and how you can get it!

Why is protein supportive of weight loss?

  • The ‘thermic effect’: Breaking down protein actually burns a lot of calories (much more than breaking down fats or carbs!).
  • Satiety:  Meals with protein make you feel fuller for longer.

How do I balance carbs and fat with protein?

Everyone has different energy needs. Some people benefit or prefer a higher carbohydrate diet and some with higher fat, which is fine. HOWEVER, a base level of protein does need to be reached. This is why protein is often thought of as the most important macronutrient. 

How much should I eat per day?

  • Daily intake: 1.6-2.2 X bodyweight in kgs = g of protein. Eg. a 60kg person should eat at least 96g of protein/day.
  • Having this over about 4 meals is a good guideline.
  • Excess protein is broken down into energy or excreted

How much should I eat per meal? 

22g+/meal is a good goal – This of course depends on how many meals you like to have per day and how much you need for your body weight/type. 


  • 100-200g lean meat.
  • Dairy – High protein yoghurt.
  • Eggs – Easy and cheap. (Keep the yolk, there are a lot of nutrients).
  • Grains/veg also have protein. Eg. legumes like black beans. These do have more carbs, so make sure this is balanced with the rest of your diet. 
  • Tempeh and other soy products
  • Supplements: Protein powder – check labels as there is a difference between a meal replacement and protein powder. If you don’t need extra carbs go for a high protein percentage in your powder.  
  • Snacks: Fruit and yoghurt or smoothies if you’re a sweet tooth, or beef jerky or cottage cheese with veggie sticks and hummus for savoury. 

As always it is important to find out what is best for you personally and factors that effect this are whether you’re male or female, your age and your activity levels. Athletes and pregnant mothers for example have different requirements to the rest of us! If you think would benefit from a personalised approach don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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