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Hiscoes 7-week Healthy Habits Challenge

The Healthy Habit Challenge is unlike any diet you have ever tried. We won’t ask you to avoid or cut down on your favourite foods or drinks. We won’t ask you to count calories, measure your food, or drink some concoction instead of a meal.

We are creatures of habit. Some habits are good for your health, some are bad. It is worthwhile cultivating habits that are good for your health. The Healthy Habit Challenge takes you painlessly, week by week, towards a healthier diet, designed to reduce body fat, improve body tone, mental clarity, energy and general well being.

The Hiscoes Healthy Habits Challenge is this: Each week we will email you a new healthy habit to undertake. You will notice the habits are habit-makers not habit-breakers. This is a more positive way make change. If you chose to take up the challenge, we will email you 7 healthy habits, seven to do’s or positive things you can add to your nutrition that will help you look and feel better and lose some body fat.

Download Healthy Habits

If you think you can manage the first healthy habit and you are interested in finding out more, please fill out our contact form. You will receive 6 more HEALTHY HABITS delivered directly to your inbox. Good luck with your healthy habit challenge!

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