MYGYM Small Group Training ‘STRONGER’ Challenge

8 Weeks: Monday May 7 – Saturday June 30

Guaranteed strength increases • Increase confidence and endurance

• Fully supported weight training program

• Weekly fitness challenges • Group motivation

Join our MyGym Small Group Training Studio for 8 weeks of unlimited sessions and get –

  • Before and after strength assessment
  • Point system for tracking progress
  • Periodised weight-training plan
  • Weekly challenges
  • Facebook community support
  • Unlimited Small Group Sessions
  • Unlimited HIIT sessions
  • Full Hiscoes gym access
  • Prizes for most improved

What can I expect from the Challenge?

You can expect to radically improve your motivation for training. You can also expect overall strength increases – maybe you’re working towards your first chin-up? Or you’ve been training for a long time and it’s been a while since you’ve experienced any strength increases? This will change during our 8 week challenge. Get ready to increase lean muscle and gain confidence to achieve your goals, not only in the gym, but also out of it.

How many times a week will I have to train?

We expect members to train a minimum of 3 times a week to make progress with their weight training program. However, you will get points for every workout you do so the more training you do – the more points you get!

How much does it cost?

Registration fee for the challenge is $60. Unlimited Small Group Training is $72 per week including Hiscoes gym access.

Are there prizes?

There will be two winners – the member who accrues the most point by the end of the challenge and the member who makes the most strength increases.

How do I register?

Contact Hiscoes reception to register.

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